Children´s and Youth Films, Denmark / Ungarn 2019, 84 Min., dan. OV, engl. st, ger. voice over, 7 years and older

Viggo is a virtual reality nerd. His favourite game is “Gooseboy” because it lets him feel as free as a goose flying north. In reality, Viggo is more of a down-to-earth type; he can’t swim, and he can’t wall climb – as his new neighbour Vigga finds out to her chagrin. But then Viggo discovers a gander who has fallen onto the balcony; he can talk, but he can’t fly anymore. The two spontaneously take off together to head north, where the gander hopes to catch up to his flock … With a brilliant cast even in smaller roles, including stars Ulrich Thomsen and Nicolas Bro, “Gooseboy” transcends the majority of cinematic video game simulations with verve and vibrant songs. It is a rousing embodiment of the old chestnut “children need fresh air to grow”.

Director Michael Wikke, Steen Rasmussen

Screenplay Michael Wikke, Steen Rasmussen

Producer Julie Rix Bomholt, Jakob Langkjær

Production Company SF Film Production ApSSF Studios Denmark, Mail:, Web:

Festival Contact Danish Film Institute, Mail:, Web:

Cast Thomas Rafslund Ravn (Viggo), Frida Luna Roswall Mattson (Vigga), Szhirley (Mutter), Nicolas Bro (Viggo Mortensen), Ulrich Thomsen (Knud Heinesen), Søren Malling (Schaffner)


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