Uued algused

Uued algusedNeue Anfänge / New Beginnings

Nordic Shorts, Estonia 2019, 15 Min., estn. OV, engl. st.

A woman moves four times. First into her boyfriend’s cottage, then back in with her mother. Then into a small city apartment. Finally, she moves to the edge of the forest to live with her new love. Each time she uses the same removal company … The film is about four phases of life, about which the audience gets information only through each new beginning. – “Art is omission” (Leonhard Frank)

Director Tanno Mee

Screenplay Tanno Mee

Producer Marianne Ostrat

Production Company Alexandra Film

World Sales Premium Films, Mail: contact@premium-films.com, Web: www.premium-films.com

Cast Riina Maidre (Frau), Janek Joost (Mann), Ulle Kaljute (Mutter), Alo Kõrve (Hendrik)


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