Vinterens lengsel

Vinterens lengselSehnsucht im Winter / Winter's Yearning

Competition Documentaries, Norway / Greenland / Denmark 2019, 75 Min., greenl., dan. OV, engl. st

Maniitsoq is a hardscrabble town on Greenland’s west coast. It became known through Kim Leine’s novel “The Prophets of Eternal Fjord”. In 2006, US conglomerate Alcoa announced that it planned to build an aluminium smelting plant here, to the delight of much of the population. Since then, however, nothing has happened. The people of Maniitsoq are disappointed and frustrated, and the alcoholism rate is high. In the film, three residents talk about their lives – Peter, the Alcoa liaison, who must now look for new ways for the town to develop; Kirsten, a young woman who wants to stop drinking and move to the capital Nuuk to begin a training programme; and Gideon, a recovering alcoholic who ministers to people in Maniitsoq who have emotional problems. Kim Leine said “This is a film many should watch. It describes the political situation and the lives, thoughts and feelings of Greenlanders”.

Director Sidse Torstholm Larsen, Sturla Pilskog

Screenplay Sidse Torstholm Larsen, Sturla Pilskog

Producer Sturla Pilskog, Are Kvalnes Pilskog

Production Company Blåst Film AS, Mail:, Web:

World Sales CAT&Docs, Mail:, Web:

Festival Contact Norwegian Film Institute, Mail:, Web:


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