OpprørsskolenSchule der Revolte / The Rebellion School

Competition Documentaries, Norway 2018, 62 Min., norw. OV, engl. st

The basic idea behind the Forsøksgymnaset (experimental high school), or FGO, was to learn without coercion. It was founded in 1967 by three frustrated high school students. Learning was voluntary and it was a democracy, with students on equal footing with the teachers – those principles continued for the 37 years of the experimental school’s existence. Director Elsa Kvamme herself attended this progressive school. In her film, she talks to fellow students and former teachers, asking them how they perceived the experience. Many of the interviewees are committed social activists, fighting for a cause and for the rights of others. There are also musicians and artist who pursue less commercial interests. She also talks to highly-motivated teachers, who integrated computers and environmental protection into the curricula early on. Basically, this experimental high school was de facto an “experiment for the future”.

Director Elsa Kvamme

Screenplay Elsa Kvamme

Producer Therese Naustdal

Production Company Gaia Film AS, Web: www.gaiafilm.no

Festival Contact Norwegian Film Institute, Mail: post@nfi.no, Web: www.nfi.no

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