De uønskede

De uønskedeDie Unerwünschten / Wars Don't End

Competition Documentaries, Norway 2018, 64 Min., norw. OV, engl. st

Seventy years after the end of the war, they are still met with hostility – children born of Norwegian women and German occupation soldiers. There were an estimated 12,000 of these “war children” in 1945. Many of them grew up in foster homes or orphanages. They were marginalised, discriminated against, and often abused. In this film, five of them break the taboo and talk about their childhood, absent fathers, and their mothers, who were stigmatised as “Nazi whores”. In addition to personal suffering, the film also explores efforts on the legal front to secure reparations from the Norwegian government with an appeal to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. The fate of these late victims of war gains a sense of exigency in the film via the narration by Liv Ullmann, who played the unhappy mother of one such war child in the 2012 film “Two Lives” (see Retrospective).

Director Dheeraj Akolkar

Screenplay Dheeraj Akolkar

Producer Christian Falch, Torstein Parelius

Production Company UpNorth Film AS Orkanger, Mail:, Web:

World Sales Limonero Films, Mail:, Web:

Festival Contact Norwegian Film Institute, Mail:, Web:

Cast Gerd Fleischer, Tove Laila Strand, Jorunn Skoglund, Bjørn Lengfelder, Gerd Synnøve Moen, Randi Hagen Spydevold, Liv Ullmann (Kommentar)


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