Zorjana Horobraja

Zorjana HorobrajaZoryana Horobraya

Competition Documentaries, Latvia 2019, 62 Min., latv., russ. OV, engl. st

Zoryana is Latvian; her husband Edgars is Russian. The young couple lives with Zoryana’s mother in a simple cottage in the country, where there is space for a few goats in addition to their children. There is no paid work for them in the country, so Edgars takes a McJob in the city with a hamburger chain. The question becomes whether Zoryana should follow him. What’s more important to her, work or the pleasures of a simple life? Comfort or nature? Mother or husband? The past or the future? Zoryana faces a difficult decision; like her mother Katya, she loves the rural life … Director Elita Kļaviņa followed the family for two years. In close proximity, with sensitivity and without bias, her camera observed the cultural shifts in her home country, with irreconcilable life-style expectations coming to the fore.

Director Elita Kļaviņa

Producer Daiga Livčāne, Antra Gaile

Production Company Latvian Academy of Culture - Riga Film Museum, Mail: kinomuzejs@kinomuzejs.lv, Web: www.kinomuzejs.lv

Cast Zorjana Horobraja, Nadežda Horobraja, Edgars Dapševičs, Inguss Dapševičs, Jēkabs Dapševičs


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