In Touch

In Touch

Competition Documentaries, Iceland / Polen 2018, 60 Min., pol., icel. OV, engl. st

Stare Juchy is a small village in Poland. Several years ago, it lost a lot of residents when some 400 people, about one-third of the population, emigrated to Iceland. Those left behind are mostly of the older generation. They have recently started staying in contact via Skype. Director Paweł Ziemilski has discovered an additional way for families to keep in touch. He projects video messages and everyday scenes recorded in Iceland on living room walls and public buildings in Stare Juchy. The effect is to create intimate contact between the relatives – a grandfather sings his granddaughter a lullaby, and when a family on the Polish side gathers for supper, so does the one in Iceland. It’s a form of interaction that, for a moment, bridges the two-and-a-half thousand kilometres that separate the loved ones.

Director Paweł Ziemilski

Screenplay Paweł Ziemilski, Lukasz Dlugolecki, Haukur Hrafnsson

Producer Łukasz Długołęcki, Haukur Hrafnsson

Production Company NUR Productions, Mail:, Web:


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