KAFSnorri & der Baby-Schwimmclub / Dive: Rituals In Water

Competition Documentaries, Iceland 2019, 72 Min., icel., engl. OV, ger. st

Snorri Magnússon is not your typical swimming teacher. Working in Iceland’s Akranes over the last 28 years, he has helped 7,000 infants become familiar with water. But what exactly does “familiar” mean, you might ask. Snorri Magnússon believes that “people spend the first nine months of their lives in water”. In his empathetic way, he provides help for the babies to take their first steps in life. In the small, round pool, where he also teaches swimming to the disabled, he works with the infants and their parents, using rhythmic vocalizations to encourage them to swim together. A trained teacher, Snorri astounds developmental psychologists with his ability to understand the early childhood psyche – “one, two, three, dive!”. With this film, footage from the underwater camera and the planetary sounds of the Danish band Efterklang allow audiences in a dark cinema to be lulled into the joys of the womb.

Director Elín Hansdóttir, Anna Rún Tryggvadóttir, Hanna Björk Valsdóttir

Producer Hanna Björk Valsdóttir

Production Company Akkeri Films, Mail: hannabjork@akkerifilms.com, Web: www.akkerifilms.com

World Sales CAT&Docs, Mail: info@catndocs.com, Web: www.catndocs.com

Distributor Mindjazz Pictures, Mail: office@mindjazz-pictures.de, Web: www.mindjazz-pictures.de

Cast Snorri Magnusson


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