VerkirWehen / Labour

Competition Documentaries, Färöer 2019, 65 Min., far. OV, engl. st

Home births and midwifery began to be replaced by birthing help and clinics in Europe in the middle of the 18th century. But it was not until 200 years later that the innovation took hold on the far-off Faroe Islands, when the first birthing helper took up his work in 1976. Since then, most children here have been born within sterile hospital walls. In this film, 15 women and midwives discuss on-camera their unease with that development. Among the subjects are Aslaug, an older midwife who helped with hundreds of home births before taking on shifts in the state hospital in 1978, without ever really feeling at home there. We also hear from two young women who decided in favor of home births in 2017. In combination with film and photo documentation, vivid anecdotes make this an involving cultural history of giving birth in the Faroe islands.

Director Karina Jákupsdóttir, Theresa Jákupsdóttir

Producer Lea Leitisstein Sørensen

Cast Ingibjørg Rasmussen, Eyðgerð Amanda Petersen, Aslaug Víká Petersen, Helen Joensen, Eliana Hammer Olsen, Elsa Hallfríður Rasmussen, Poulina Abramsen

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