KrigsfotografenDer Kriegsfotograf / Photographer of War

Competition Documentaries, Denmark / Finland 2019, 78 Min., dan., engl. OV, engl. st

Jan Grarup was photographing the victims of the civil war in the Central African Republic when word reached him in March 2014 that his ex-wife had cancer. The world-renowned war photographer now had to take care of the couple’s three children – without giving up his work. The film follows him on the fighting fronts around Mosul, Iraq, as well as on the home front, where he faces the demands of fatherhood, making sandwiches and doing the laundry … Boris B. Bertram trained his camera on Grarup for five years. He wanted to know what the effects of the atrocities seen in war-torn regions have on the photographer’s home life. What drives him to keep shooting the horrors of war and the hopes of his subjects? What sacrifices must he make himself? And how great was the demand on his family?

Director Boris B. Bertram

Screenplay Boris B. Bertram

Producer Katrine A. Sahlstrøm

Production Company Good Company Pictures, Web:

World Sales LevelK ApS, Mail:, Web:

Festival Contact Danish Film Institute, Mail:, Web:

Cast Jan Grarup, Viola Walsøe Grarup, Elias Sekjær Grarup, Marikka Sekjær Grarup, Olivia Sekjær Grarup, Bernard-Henri Lévy


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