Q’s Barbershop

Q’s Barbershop

Competition Documentaries, Denmark 2019, 61 Min., dan. OF, engl. UT

“A gentleman wears an afro, dreadlocks are for gangsters”, you hear in Q’s Barbershop. Located in Vollsmose, a high-rise housing project in Denmark’s Odense, it serves as a gathering place, providing a bit of home to African immigrants. The clientele is mostly young Somalis from the neighbourhood. What makes it so beloved is Qasim, the owner, who offers a lot more than just a haircut. Here, the immigrants can get advice on the issues they face in Denmark; they also get the kind of acceptance they are denied elsewhere. Vollsmose, with some 9,000 residents from 80 different countries, has a bad reputation. Crime rates are high and taxi drivers avoid the neighbourhood. At Q’s, and in the film, the locals get a chance to speak. With their stories and sayings, they express their dreams and ambitions. And we see a variety of great hairstyles – from the “house party” to the “Mike Tyson”.

Director Emil Langballe

Screenplay Emil Langballe

Producer Heidi Kim Andersen

Production Company Made in Copenhagen, Mail: hello@madeincopenhagen.dk, Web: www.madeincopenhagen.dk

Festival Contact Danish Film Institute, Mail: dfi@dfi.dk, Web: www.dfi.dk

Cast Razi Irawani (Erzählerstimme), Qasim Ahmed Nuur, Elias Ahmed Hussein, Abdiaziz Yusuf, Riyad Dommariya, Abdirisak Ahmed Mahamud, Abdi Weli, Yassin Jama, Ali Adan Mohamed, Ahmed M. Hassan, Abdallah Bangali


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