SäsongSaison / Ridge

Specials, Sweden 2019, 75 Min., sw., pol. OV, engl. st

It's summer in Skane, in the south of Sweden. From May to September, seasonal workers from Poland can be found at a dairy farm in Kvidinge. The operation is highly automated, but there’s still plenty for them to do. They work in the greenhouse, feed the hogs, and help with the harvest. They meet locals, and holiday-makers, children and cows, which they find a little scary. Patient observation of them going about their business, both while working and after the day is done, yields insight into relationships and stories … “Ridge” falls somewhere between narrative and documentary. As if in a topographical study, director John Skoog, who is himself from Kvidinge, uses his camera to explore a cultural landscape that has been standardised by agriculture. But he also discovers enclaves in the natural world, personal stories, and liberating festivities above and beyond the hierarchy of the working world.

Director John Skoog

Screenplay John Skoog, Anna Karisinska

Producer Erik Hemmendorff

Production Company Plattform Produktion, Mail: mail@plattformproduktion.se, Web: www.plattformproduktion.se

Festival Contact Swedish Film Institute, Mail: registrator@sfi.se, Web: www.sfi.se

Cast Aron Skoog, Agnieszka Podsiadlik, Billie Åstrand, Gitt Persson, Grzegorz Falkowski, Artur Krajewski


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