Dronning uten land

Dronning uten landAuf Wiedersehen, Eisbär / Queen Without Land

Specials, Norway 2018, 70 Min., engl. OV

In 2013, an imposing mother polar bear walked in front of the camera of renowned Norwegian wildlife photographer and filmmaker Asgeir Helgestad. He called her Frost, and dubbed her two cubs Lucky and Light. Over the next four years, he continued to seek out the three animals in their natural habitat. What he captured with his camera were not only the lovely, carefree moments of their arctic existence, but also the tragedy in their continual struggle to survive. But this is not just a big bear story; the beauty of the Arctic comes alive onscreen in Helgestad’s film with images of arctic foxes, seals, walruses, and a rich bevy of birds. But the focus of this impressive observation of the natural world is the environmental catastrophe caused by rapid climate change, as the ice melts away literally beneath polar bear Frost’s paws … Presented in cooperation with the Green Screen Wildlife Film Festival in Eckernförde.

Director Asgeir Helgestad

Screenplay Anne Elvedal, Asgeir Helgestad

Producer Asgeir Helgestad

Production Company Arctic Light AS, Web: www.articlight.com


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