Nova Lituania

Nova Lituania

Competition Narrative Films, Lithuania 2019, 99 Min., lith. OV, engl. st

Lithuania in the 1930s. When both Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union assert territorial claims, Lithuania threatens to disappear from the map. A geography professor in Kaunas has a solution to the national crisis at hand. He proposes that a "back-up Lithuania" be established in Africa, and that the national government and some of the population should be evacuated to there. The suggestion finds favour with some of the country's politicians. At the same time, however, the "invasion" of his mother-in-law threatens the professor's peace at home ... Shot in black-and-white using the 4:3 academy ratio, "Nova Lituania" is a brilliant historical satire. The film was inspired by the plans of the geographer Kazys Pakštas (1893-1960), who hoped that a planned emigration policy and colonisation of Africa would ensure the survival of Lithuania's national identity.

Director Karolis Kaupinis

Screenplay Karolis Kaupinis

Producer Marija Razgutė

Production Company m-films, Mail:, Web:

World Sales Some Shorts – Festival Distribution, Mail:, Web:

Cast Aleksas Kazanavičius (Feliksas), Vaidotas Martinaitis (Premierminister), Valentinas Masalskis (Präsident), Rasa Samuolytė (Veronika), Eglė Gabrėnaitė (Kotryna), Roberta Sirgedaite (Julyte)


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