Danmarks sønner

Danmarks sønnerSons of Denmark

Competition Narrative Films, Denmark 2019, 119 Min., dan., arab. OV, engl. st

The film is set in Copenhagen in the year 2025, one year after a terrorist bomb attack has rocked Denmark. On the eve of the attack’s anniversary, the leader of an ultra right-wing movement, Martin Nordahl, is on the verge of becoming prime minister in a landslide election victory. A 19-year-old Iraqi, Zakaria, has become infected by the heated atmosphere in the country. Convinced that radicalism can only be fought with radicalism, he has joined an extremist group and allowed himself to be trained as an assassin by Ali. His target is Martin Nordahl … This provocative political thriller has already seen director Ulaa Salim compared to Martin Scorsese and Jacques Audiard. His deliberately disturbing first film captivates not with high-octane action, but with a convincing portrayal of psychological compulsions.

Director Ulaa Salim

Screenplay Ulaa Salim

Producer Daniel Mühlendorph

Production Company Hyæne Film, Mail: kontakt@hyaenefiilm.dk, Web: www.hyaenefilm.dk

World Sales New Europe Film Sales, Mail: festivals@neweuropefilmsales.com, Web: www.neweuropefilmsales.com

Distributor Koch Media GmbH, Mail: office@kochmedia.com, Web: www.kochmedia.com

Festival Contact Danish Film Institute, Mail: dfi@dfi.dk, Web: www.dfi.dk

Cast Zaki Youssef (Malik), Mohammed Ismail Mohammed (Zakaria), Imad Abul-Foul (Hassan), Rasmus Bjerg (Martin Nordahl), Özlem Saglanmak (Mariam)


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