Lübeck 875 - Lübeck erzählt uns wasLübeck 875 - Lübeck Tells Us a Story

Fulldome, Germany 2018, 6 Min., ger. OV

How do the Lübeckers imagine their home city will be in 875 years? The ideas of those questioned are being projected on the dome and create a picture of the Hanseatic city in the far distant future. The film is part of the "875 Jahre – Lübeck Tells Us a Story" exhibition (which can be viewed until 6 January 2019 in St. Anne's Museum Quarter and in the Castle Friary of the European Hansemuseum).

The film is part of "Open Dome: Lübeck 875". During Open Dome Session admittance is free - feel free to come inside!

Director Frank Sauer

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No screenings are available for this film.