Im Land meiner Kinder

Im Land meiner KinderLand of My Children

Filmforum, Germany / Switzerland 2018, 88 Min., ger., span. OV, ger. st

Initially Darío moved from Ecuador to Germany to be with Stephanie. But from the very first day there was a third party in their relationship: government agencies. They issued him 10 visas during the following 15 years. A long trail of papers, stamps, permits and restrictions connected Darío to Germany whilst also keeping him at a distance. Until one fine day the mayor of Hamburg invites Darío to become a German citizen. A profession of love? Darío responds with a tender-ironic road movie that traces his intertwined journey from the country of his fathers to the country of his children.

Director Darío Aguirre

Screenplay Darío Aguirre

Producer Tobias Büchner, Franziska Reck

Cast César Aguirre, Stephanie Tonn, Christa Tonn, Andreas Tonn, Mariuxi Guevara, Darío Aguirre



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