Was uns nicht umbringt

Was uns nicht umbringtWhat Doesn't Kill Us

Filmforum, Germany 2018, 129 Min., ger. OV

With his two daughters, an obstinate ex-wife who also happens to be his best friend, a melancholic dog and his idiosyncratic patients, psychotherapist Max doesn’t exactly need any additional challenges. But the charming gambling addict Sophie, who is always late at his office, shakes up his private life. While he is still trying to tell himself that he’s professional enough to stay professional, an unexpected encounter leads to even more entanglements. And the one thing that’s not supposed to happen, happens: The therapist falls in love with the patient. How can he help her without getting involved? How can he love her without losing her? Torn between his emotions and his intellect, Max ultimately has to follow the old pre-flight instruction: Help yourself first before trying to help somebody else.

Director Sandra Nettelbeck

Screenplay Sandra Nettelbeck

Producer Jochen Laube, Fabian Maubach, Julia Wagner

Cast August Zirner (Max), Barbara Auer (Loretta), Johanna Ter Steege (Sophie), Oliver Broumis (Fritz), Jenny Schily (Sunny), Bjarne Mädel (Hannes)

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