Sarah Kohr: Das verschwundene Mädchen

Sarah Kohr: Das verschwundene MädchenSarah Kohr - A Girl Vanishes

Filmforum, Germany 2018, 90 Min., ger. OV

The prosecutor Mehringer is facing a difficult problem: The Ukrainian arms smuggler Artem Lasarew gave the order from jail to kidnap the daughter of a bodyguard who is protecting the key witness in the Lasarew case. Mehringer sends his secret weapon, the martial arts specialist Sarah Kohr to “shoot” the key witness and film it as proof. A cakewalk for the inspector, but then she realizes that Mehringer has a hidden agenda: By confronting the dangerous criminal with a quick and harsh sentence, he wants to force him to reveal the details of an upcoming bomb attack in Hamburg. Ignoring her orders, she single-handedly takes on the fight against Lasarew. Only later does she realize that the diabolical gangster still has to settle a score with Bader, Hamburg’s Senator of the Interior.

Director Christian Theede

Screenplay Timo Berndt

Producer Uli Aselmann, Sophia Aldenhoven

Cast Lisa Maria Potthoff (Sarah Kohr), Herbert Knaup (Anton Mehringer), Devid Striesow (Stefan Bader), Corinna Kirchhoff (Sarahs Mutter), Ulrich Matthes (Artem Lasarew)

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