Der Tatortreiniger - Rebellen

Der Tatortreiniger - RebellenCrime Scene Cleaner - Rebels

Filmforum, Germany 2018, 30 Min., accessible screening

As Schotti is working at a bizarre crime scene, his friends Didi and Frido stop by to bring him his forgotten key. While Frido is on the loo with digestion problems, Schotti explains the universe of felt slides, including its luxury premium segment, to Didi, only to end up at ex-girlfriend Merle with a tear-choked voice.

Director Arne Feldhusen

Screenplay Mizzy Meyer

Producer Kerstin Ramcke

Cast "Bjarne Mädel (Heiko Schotte), Olli Schulz (Didi), Jan Georg Schütte (Frido)"

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