An den Rändern der Welt

An den Rändern der WeltAt the Edges of Our World

Filmforum, Germany 2018, 90 Min., OV, ger. st

Many of the remaining intact indigenous communities live in spots at the edges of the world we know – far from our civilisations and yet impacted by their effects. Photographer and Greenpeace activist Markus Mauthe travelled to some of them with the aim of making the beauty of those cultures visible before they are forced to yield to the unremitting advance of globalisation. His journey took him from South Sudan and Ethiopia, to Southeast Asia and the Bajau ‘sea nomads’, and to the indigenous people of Mato Grosso in Brazil, who have begun to fight back against the destruction of their lebensraum. For years now, Markus Mauthe has reached hundreds of thousands of people with his still photographs and lectures. For the first time here, a video crew accompanied him on his travels. In the resulting film, we see enchantingly beautiful images of genuine encounters with those peoples – and a cinematic appeal for the preservation of their cultures.

Director Thomas Tielsch

Screenplay Thomas Tielsch

Producer Thomas Tielsch

Cast Markus Mauthe, Mitglieder der Suri und Mundari (Südsudan), der Kara, Hamar und Mursi (Äthiopien), der Bajau (Indonesien), der Mehinaku, Awá und Guajajara (Amazonas)



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