Tödliches Comeback

Tödliches ComebackDeadly Comeback

Filmforum, Germany 2018, 90 Min., accessible screening

Roy and Bruno Singer are a father-and-son duo that couldn’t be more different: While the thoroughbred musician Roy doesn’t always adhere to the law when he’s making money in Berlin, his rather restrained son Bruno is working for the Hamburg police. He dreams of joining the homicide division and winning the heart of his co-worker Kyra. To even have a chance at joining the homicide squad, his boss tells him to stay away from his police-known father for the foreseeable future. But then his mother ends up in hospital after an accident and he has no choice but to get in touch with Roy for the first time in years. As soon as the rake and his buddy Siggi show up, Bruno gets dragged into their shady dealings and ends up having to solve a murder with the help of his father!

Director Hermine Huntgeburth

Screenplay Volker Einrauch, Lothar Kurzawa

Producer Volker Einrauch, Hermine Huntgeburth, Lothar Kurzawa

Cast Martin Brambach (Roy Singer), Ben Münchow (Bruno Singer), Elisa Schlott (Kyra Sperling), Matthias Buntschuh (Siggi Troja), Jeanette Hain (Inga Schallström)

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