YardenThe Yard

Retrospective, Sweden / Germany 2016, 79 Min., sw., arab., dan. OV, germ. st

Anders is a single father and unemployed. After failing to make his mark as a freelance writer, he gets work at “The Yard”, a loading dock for autos in Malmö harbour. Anders is the only Swede among the immigrants who work here. His fellow stevedores don’t trust him, because they associate him with the merciless working conditions of the Swedish logistics company that runs the operation. As director Måns Månsson says, “The Yard is a hidden enclave of low-wage immigrant workers, a prison, where work is so cheap that nobody is bothered if it’s squandered. We couldn’t get a permit to shoot in Malmö harbour. The subject matter was too sensitive, so the Swedish authorities rejected our application. In the end, thankfully, we were able to shoot in Bremerhaven”.

Director Måns Månsson

Screenplay Sara Nameth, nach einem Roman von Kristian Lundberg

Producer Emma Åkesdotter Ronge

Cast Anders Mossling (11811), Hilal Shoman (19213), Isaak Theodoridis (11271), Axel Roos (Sohn)

Website www.yarden-film.com


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