Baldevins Bryllup

Baldevins BryllupBaldevins Hochzeit / Baldevin's Wedding

Retrospective, Norway / Sweden 1926, 124 Min., silent, norw. it, germ. st

The ‘heroes’ of this Norwegian silent film meet at a sailors’ mission – Baldevin and Simen, two happy-go-lucky seamen, who hire onto a ship in Lübeck to return home. After they get into a fight there, Baldevin is put in jail while Simen marries a rich widow. When Baldevin is released, Simen wants to arrange for him to make a similarly advantageous marriage accordingly, and has already spied out a possible candidate. Of course, the two women must never find out about their beaux’ past. But the two women are hiding secrets of their own. “Baldevin’s Wedding” was restored at great cost by the Norwegian Film Institute and the National Library using the original playbook.

Director George Schnéevoigt

Screenplay George Schnéevoigt, Alf Rød, nach einem Schauspiel von Vilhelm Krag

Producer George Schnéevoigt

Cast Einar Sissener (Baldevin), Victor Bernau (Simen), Johanne Voss (Ollevine), Betzy Holter (Madam Salvesen)

Trailer n.v.

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