Keskpäevane praam

Keskpäevane praamDie Mittagsfähre / The Midday Ferry

Retrospective, Estonia 1967, 75 Min., estn. OV, engl. st

The ferry "Suurupi" links Estonia’s mainland with the island of Saaremaa. And on this fine June day, as usual, a diversity of people is looking to make the crossing. Onboard we meet a hairdresser and her staid husband, a pensioner and his niece, four students with racing bikes, four skilled labourers, a bus full of islanders on their way home, and two stowaways – a young couple in love. The two lovebirds have hidden away inside a truck. But when they light up a cigarette there, a fire starts to smoulder that threatens to become a deadly trap for everyone on the ship. The film “The Midday Ferry” was based on a script written by Juhan Smuul, a writer well known for his books about sea voyages. Both a snapshot of society and a disaster movie, the film draws a controversial portrait of Estonia in the 1960s.

Director Kaljo Kiisk

Screenplay Juhan Smuul

Producer Kullo Must

Cast Enn Kraam (Junge), Kersti Gern (Mädchen), Arne Laos (Kapitän), Ada Lundver (Leili), Kalju Karask (Steuermann)

Trailer n.v.

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