Jag tror jag är lite kär dig

I Think I Have a Crush On YouJag tror jag är lite kär dig / Ich glaube, ich bin in dich verknallt

Children´s and Youth Films, Sweden 2017, 9 Min., sw. OV, engl. st, ger. VoiceOver, 10 years and older

"Nadja is 13 and waits eagerly for every new message from her online ‘friend’ William. He gives her compliments, is interested in her, and seems to be a great guy. But when he convinces her on Skype to take her shirt off for him, the thrilling flirtation quickly turns into a nasty matter. An informative film about the dangers lurking in the online world."

Director Maria Eriksson-Hecht

Screenplay Pelle Rådström

Producer Petter Schanche

Cast Inez Dahl Torhaug (Nadja), Emil Almén (William), Kirsti Torhaug (Mutter)

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