HjärtatDas Herz / The Heart

Children´s and Youth Films, Sweden 2018, 100 Min., sw. OV, engl. st, 16 years and older

Opposites attract – photography student Mika makes the rounds of the clubs with her girlfriends. Young musician Tesfay, on the other hand, is the quiet type and concentrates on his studies. Despite their differences, they seem like a perfect couple. “Heart” eschews grand dramatic gestures as it weaves a dense narrative of closeness, sex, and how different people can be from each other, even when they are in love. “Audiences wrote that they laughed and cried during the film”, says Fanni Metelius, “some of them split up with their partners afterwards, others talked about the film for hours”. The writer and director, who took on the lead in this, her debut film, has succeeded in making an authentic, emotional film about the intimacy between two people. And about what can threaten that intimacy.

Director Fanni Metelius

Screenplay Fanni Metelius

Producer Mimmi Spång, Rebecka Lafrenz

Cast Fanni Metelius (Mika), Ahmed Berhan (Tesfay), Leona Axelsen (Li), Daniella Mir (Dafne), Suzanne Reuter (Mikas Mutter)


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