Children´s and Youth Films, Germany / Sweden 2018, 30 Min., sw. OV, ger. st, 14 years and older

"Linn finally gets to go moose hunting with her father. And the 16-year-old soon shoots her first moose. But her pride is quickly punctured, because she’s shot a nursing cow. Now the calf has to be found and killed, so it doesn’t die a horrible death. Full of shame and zeal, Linn goes looking for the young animal alone. It’s a wilderness trek that will turn out to be her real test. "

Director Sophia Bösch

Screenplay Roman Gielke, Sophia Bösch

Producer Laura Klippel, Valeria Venturelli

Cast Sofia Aspholm (Linn), Lennart Jähkel (Harald), Lars T. Johansson (Einar)

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