Children´s and Youth Films, Germany / Iceland / USA / Mexiko 2018, 72 Min., ger., engl. OV, engl. st, 16 years and older

"Adam brings a plastic bag full of beer to a Tinder date. But when he doesn’t say a single word, he finds himself alone again almost immediately. Adam is 20 years old and deaf, and life has long since done a serious number on him. His mother was once a musician with good prospects for success; now she’s institutionalised and remembers nothing. Her manager says techno music destroyed her. A case worker explains that her amnesia is permanent and the apartment lease has been terminated. Adam’s mother always said you have to celebrate life until you no longer can. And she made him promise that rather than let her be locked away, ill forever, he would kill her. In loosely connected scenes, we see how Adam tries to grapple with the outsized responsibility foisted upon him. Nobody offers help on a silver platter, but he is still far from helpless. We watch as he slowly finds his way out of loneliness."

Director Maria Solrun

Screenplay Maria Solrun

Producer Maria Solrun, Jim Stark, Magnus Mariuson

Cast Magnus Mariuson (Adam), Eszter Tompa (Vanessa), Floriane Daniel (Mutter), Julia Kratz (Frau Kurz), Hans Brückner (Manager), Gabo Hoog (Vater)


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