Varma merkki

Sure SignVarma merkki / Ein sicheres Zeichen

Short Films, Finland 2017, 15 Min., finn. OV, engl. st

Finally everything’s going great between Emma and Jarno. But when his mate tells him the Roxette song “It Must Have Been Love” is a sure sign of an impending separation, doubts are sown in Jarno’s mind. Why is Emma studying so much? What does this long-haired bloke want from her? And why the hell is today Roxette theme day on the radio? Absurd comedy about paranoia in love.

Director Marjo Viitala

Screenplay Marjo Viitala

Producer Marjo Viitala

Cast Nicklas Pohjola (Jarno), Lisa Nikula (Emma), Konsta Vartianen (Jere), Irina Kunnari (Tiia), Kalle Mattila (Rocker)


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