Maj Doris

Maj Doris

Competition Documentaries, Sweden / Norway 2018, 72 Min., sw., sami OV, engl. st

"She has been a cross-country skier, founded theatre groups, designed clothing, and painted pictures. At almost 75, Maj Doris Rimpi is still a much sought-after artist. She lives in a tiny village in the Swedish part of Sápmi. The film first catches up with her in December, as she is preparing for an upcoming exhibition. “In the end, it's always too much”, she says at the beginning of the film. After all, she also carries on the Sami tradition of reindeer herding, and in the winter, the animals must be fed daily. Rimpi home is remote, but she is not isolated. She remains very much a part of the world with her clamshell mobile phone, postcards, and her travels. She finds support in Mansoor, who has fled from his home in Afghanistan. This inspiring film brings us closer to a curious, warm-hearted, and fun-loving woman who, at the end, has more than earned her summer holiday."

Director Jon Blåhed

Producer Göran Hedemalm

Cast Maj Doris Rimpi

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