„Varnarliðið“ kaldastríðsútvörður

„Varnarliðið“ kaldastríðsútvörðurIceland Defense Force - Vorposten des Kalten Kriegs / Iceland Defense Force - Cold War Frontier

Competition Documentaries, Iceland 2017, 89 Min., icel., engl. OV, engl. st

For 55 years, Iceland was home to a NATO naval air station, mainly operated by the USA. During the Cold War between the world’s superpowers, the base on the small island had enormous strategic importance. Not only was it a significant economic factor, and local employer, but the American cultural influence on the region was also significant. Military radio played the newest pop songs from the USA and the fighter pilots protected the Icelandic herring fishermen’s nets against killer whales. But the installation at Kevlafík harbour always provoked controversy. The question of whether the Americans were storing nuclear weapons in Iceland was grist for many political debates. For their film, Guðbergur Davíðsson und Konráð Gylfason have diligently collected material from within Iceland and abroad, and interviewed numerous experts and contemporary witnesses.

Director Guðbergur Davíðsson, Konráð Gylfason

Screenplay Friðþór Eydal, Guðbergur Davíðsson, Konráð Gylfason

Producer Guðbergur Davíðsson, Konrad Gylfason

Website http://www.icelandicfilms.info/films/nr/1903

Trailer http://www.icelandicfilms.info/films/nr/1903

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