Nokia Mobile - Matkapuhelimen tarina

Nokia Mobile - Matkapuhelimen tarinaNokia Mobile - We Were Connecting People

Competition Documentaries, Finland / Norway / Germany 2017, 92 Min., finn., engl. OV, engl. st

The legend that was Nokia began one day in the late 1970s, when sales manager Ilpo Rossi put the components of a car radio in a case – customers, after all, wanted to be reachable out in the country or on their boats. In 1987, Mikhail Gorbachev was photographed holding an exorbitantly expensive Cityman model to his ear. By the turn of the millennium, the Finnish company, which began as a pulp factory in 1865, was the world’s leading mobile phone manufacturer. In Arto Koskinen’s documentary, we hear from the people who helped bring about that success – from engineer to board member. The same people who experienced its decline. For a long time, Nokia considered touch screens to be a foolish idea and when Steve Jobs presented the first iPhone, the company was completely blindsided. The phone factories in the Finnish town of Salo have long since closed up shop.

Director Arto Koskinen

Producer Marianne Mäkelä

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