Perkele 2 - Kuvia Suomesta

Perkele 2 - Kuvia SuomestaFuck Off 2 - Bilder aus Finnland / Fuck Off 2 - Images from Finland

Competition Documentaries, Finland 2017, 93 Min., finn. OV, engl. st

This film is remorseless: Right in the beginning, the director Donner receives a cardiac valve surgery. He concludes that after 83 years of life, his body has accumulated quite a number of spare parts. Finland too has changed: Progress and growth brought cars and cell phones to the people, apartments and saunas, dogs, cats and long-distance journeys. At the same time, the population is in decline while xenophobes insist on closed borders and refugees are being deported. Just like he did in the early 70s, Donner once again hits the road with his team to ask the Finns about their motivations and hopes for the future. And he doesn’t hold back with acidic criticism: Injustices weren’t overcome and professional politics became more isolated. The sound track from the previous film is still appropriate. Already back in 1971, M. A. Numminen sang “Please do something!”

Director Jörn Donner

Screenplay Jörn Donner

Producer Misha Jaari, Mark Lwoff

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