ValontuojaDie das Licht brachten / The Illuminators

Competition Documentaries, Finland 2017, 68 Min., finn. OV, engl. st

After the war, the German-Baltic engineer ended up in northern Finland. When he decided to electrify all of Lapland in the early 50s, the whole idea seemed utterly insane. There were hardly any roads, the villages were scattered, and a lot of the inhabitants were sceptical. But soon a handful of hardy men were erecting pylons with the most basic equipment. Single-mindedly, Haase pushed his project onwards, promoted electrification in the settlements and by and by, he succeeded in bringing light to every hut. After 30 years, his son Hannu took over and finished the project. By 1987, even the most isolated parts of Lapland were electrified. With archive footage, his own videos and often charming reports by contemporary witnesses, director Antti Haase retraces the history of the Rovakaira company while simultaneously presenting a loving homage to his grandfather and his father.

Director Antti Haase

Screenplay Antti Haase

Producer Jouko Aaltonen


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