Competition Documentaries, Estonia / Finland 2018, 74 Min., OV, engl. st

Why he of all people was elected prime minister is something he is still not able to explain. When the Estonians declared their independence from the Soviet Union in 1991 and elected their own parliament the following year, Mart Laar and his fellow campaigners won a landslide victory. None of them had any experience as professional politicians, but they were borne along and united by the desire to finally force the influence of Russia out of the country. Laar, who although barely 32 years old was the oldest amongst them, became the head of the government. He reinvented himself within the spirit of the times, read Milton Friedman, introduced a flat-rate tax, and learned tricks by observing Maggie Thatcher. All of which was well received internationally, yet in Estonia Laar’s cabinet was struggling with chaos. In an entertaining and vivid style, the directors Aarma and Jõerand recount from the wild years caused by a change in the system.

Director Raimo Jõerand, Kiur Aarma

Screenplay Raimo Jõerand

Producer Kiur Aarma

Cast Mart Laar, Kaido Kama, Tiit Pruuli, Jüri Luik, Indrek Tarand, Carl Bildt, Heiki Kranich, Lagle Parek, Marju Lauristin


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