Ahto. Unistuste jaht

Ahto. Unistuste jahtAhto. Chasing a Dream

Competition Documentaries, Estonia 2018, 92 Min., engl., estn. OV, engl. st

Between 1930 and 1937, Ahto Valter crossed the Atlantic five times, broke speed records, and was celebrated by the press. Headwinds and onboard conflicts – none of that fazes the charismatic young sailor. In 1938, he decides to fulfil his greatest dream – circumnavigating the globe. But world events catch up with Ahto and his crew. World War II breaks out. When he reaches the end of his journey, Valter’s homeland no longer exists; he would never return to Estonia. The film reconstructs his trip using fascinating old film footage, and passages from his journals. We also hear from his son Teddy, who embarked on the journey at the age of one-and-a-half. “He loved the ocean. It was good to him”, he remarks about his restless father in this fascinating portrait.

Director Jaanis Valk

Screenplay Jaanis Valk

Producer Erik Norkroos

Website http://ahtofilm.ee


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