Slette omstændigheder

Bad CircumstancesSlette omstændigheder / Widrige Umstände

Documentary, Denmark 2018, 58 Min., dan. OV, engl. st

Steffen Holberg is a man who does not quit. For years, the amateur historian has been trying to solve a very special case: At the beginning of the 19th century, three Danish polar explorers lost their lives on an expedition to Northeast Greenland. Only one of them was found. What’s more, there is an ominous map from the search party with the potential to cause a scandal. Yet the closer Holberg comes to the heart of the matter, the more he speaks with experts and researches in archives, the more the chasm between truth and fiction widens. Why was the search only conducted for Brønlund's body, but not for those of the other explorers? Did Robert Peary cheat somehow on his expedition? And why are there spelling mistakes on the map? In his typically imaginative and humorous style, Kestner portrays a like-minded individual here: A person obsessed with quenching their curiosity.

Director Max Kestner

Screenplay Max Kestner, Henrik Veileborg

Producer Henrik Veileborg

Cast Steffen Holberg, Jens Erik Schultz, Jan Juel-Brockdorff, Anny Graae Bennike, Jørgen Bohus, Jesper Kurt Nielsen, Michael Lerche Nielsen, Niels Frandsen

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