BeröringenDie Berührung / The Touch

Specials, Sweden / United States 1970, 115 Min., sw., engl. OV, engl. st

In his only real coproduction with the USA, Ingmar Bergman is unusually enthusiastic and emotional. Elliot Gould stars as the Jewish archaeologist David who desperately falls in love with a chance acquaintance during an excavation in Gotland. But Karen, played by Bibi Andersson in what may possibly be her best role in a Bergman film, is happily married to Andreas (Max von Sydow). Is there a future for the secret love? In the hand of cinematographer Sven Nykvist, the wonderful colours of the Kodak film material make the exceptional love story shine, and thanks to the elaborate restauration, they still do so after 45 years. Apparently, Bergman was embarrassed by “The Touch” and he forbade public screenings after theatrical exploitation. Only for the director’s 100th birthday, this forgotten masterpiece is now resurfacing.

Director Ingmar Bergman

Screenplay Ingmar Bergman

Producer Ingmar Bergman

Cast Elliott Gould (David Kovac), Bibi Andersson (Karin Vergérus), Max von Sydow (Andreas Vergérus), Sheila Reid (Sara)

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