Bergman Revisited

Bergman Revisited

Specials, Sweden 2018, 84 Min., sw. OV, engl. st

"What can we still glean today from the work of Ingmar Bergman? Six contemporary filmmakers in Sweden ask this question in their own very idiosyncratic and humorous way. In six short films, they tackle motifs from Bergman’s life and work and give them surprising new interpretations. Actor Pernilla August creates a mini-melodrama that encapsulates Bergman’s many love stories. Director Tomas Alfredson whips up surreal cinematic fireworks made of Bergman themes. Documentary filmmaker Jane Magnusson, meanwhile, gives us an uproariously funny animated film about the Swedish maestro’s sex life. In Patrik Eklund’s segment, a dishwasher sets the “Scenes from a Marriage”, and Linus Tunström’s short takes a stigma, a subject often tackled by Bergman, and turns it into a miracle. A selection of contemporary short films that provide a new perspective on a legendary director."

Director Pernilla August, Tomas Alfredson, Jane Magnusson, Linus Tunström, Lisa Aschan, Patrik Eklund

Producer diverse

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