Filmforum, Germany / Portugal 2016, 100 Min., germ., engl., port. OV, engl. st, FSK 16

The split with his girlfriend Doro sends Fabian into an emotional black hole. A doctor, he buries himself in his work and only the death of a patient jolts him from his lethargy. He makes a snap decision to go to Lisbon, where Doro is working as an architect, to try and convince her to give the relationship another chance. Doro is annoyed by his sudden appearance; the memories of their time together are simply too painful. But Fabian doesn’t give up. He vows to do better, finds an apartment and a job, learns Portuguese and re-connects with his easygoing side. Doro’s objections start to fade and their relationship once again runs smoothly. That is, until Fabian’s jealousy is ignited again. A very atmospheric narrative debut from Jonas Rothlaender, with strong imagery. The film won the 2016 Max Ophüls Prize for best director.

Director Jonas Rothlaender

Screenplay Jonas Rothlaender, Sebastian Bleyl

Cast Golo Euler (Fabian), Luise Heyer (Doro), Albano Jerónimo (Francisco), Pirjo Lonka (Anita), Duarte Grilo (Nuno), Isabel Abreu (Maria)

Website http://fado.jonasrothlaender.com/


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