Casi Paraíso

Casi Paraíso

Filmforum, Germany / Mexico 2016, 56 Min., span., germ. OV, germ. st

It all starts with a rucksack full of old film footage that director Pablo Narezo loses on a trip from Germany to Mexico. The footage documents the life and travels of three generations of his Mexican family. We see some historical 8mm footage with wonderful images of Cuba in the 1950s, old photographs and new recordings – all of it assembled into a complex, associative montage about the current, often violent situation in Mexico today. Underlaid by a composed soundtrack of sound drawn from a variety of different sources, the whole is a fascinating portrait, as personal as it is universal, of the filmmaker’s family and life in Mexico.

Director Pablo Narezo Guzmán

Screenplay Pablo Narezo Guzmán


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