The Florence Foster Jenkins Story

The Florence Foster Jenkins StoryDie Florence Foster Jenkins Story

Filmforum, Germany 2016, 93 Min., engl. OV, germ. st

Florence Foster Jenkins was the worst professional opera singer of all time. Yet the self-appointed diva managed to have a career in the New York of the 1920s. She appeared in front of constantly changing audiences in flamboyant costumes and sang with complete abandon – always in the belief that she was a great artiste. She made records, was adored by fans and broke all ticket sales records with her 1944 appearance at Carnegie Hall. With consummate skill, director Ralf Pleger combines his superb documentary film material with elegantly staged scenes. As Jenkins, American opera star Joyce DiDonato gives us a profound understanding of the enigmatic title character. Her mezzo soprano communicates the vision that Florence Foster Jenkins had of her own voice, while the deliberate false notes reveal the vocal disaster that sent audiences into an uproar.

Director Ralf Pleger

Screenplay Ralf Pleger

Cast Joyce DiDonato (Florence Foster Jenkins), Adam Benzwi (Cosmé McMoon), Jan Rekeszus (William Key), Lars-Peter Schmädicke (St. Clair Bayfield), Jasmin Antic (Kathleen Bayfield)



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