Luise & Mohamed – Aufbruch nach Algier

Luise & Mohamed – Aufbruch nach AlgierLuise & Mohamed - Leaving for Algiers

Filmforum, Germany 2016, 60 Min., germ., alg. OV, germ. st

Louise is the only daughter of an artistic, liberal German family. She marries Mohamed, a Muslim from Algeria. Louise converts to Islam and lives a life of serious commitment to the faith. She misbehaves and scandalises people. The two have now been married for 15 years and live with their three children in Germany. Their older daughter Sainab is eleven, their son is seven and the younger daughter is nine months old. In complete opposition to the current trend, in which millions of people are escaping the African continent, the family makes an unusual decision. They emigrate from Germany to Algeria. The film follows them for two years as they bravely try to live between two fundamentally different cultures. Beatrix Schwehm has once before drawn a portrait of this same family in her prize-winning documentary “Luise – a German Muslim” (NFL 2008).

Director Beatrix Schwehm

Screenplay Beatrix Schwehm

Cast Luise, Mohamed, Sainab, Ilyas


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