Die Hände meiner Mutter

Die Hände meiner MutterHands of a Mother

Filmforum, Germany 2016, 105 Min., germ. OV, engl. st

Markus is happy with his wife Monica and young son Adam. Until an incident at a family gathering gives him a nasty shock – after grandmother Renate accompanies Adam to the bathroom, the child emerges with a small cut on his head. All of a sudden, Markus remembers what Renate did to him when he himself was a child. At first, the deeply-buried trauma of his mother’s all too demonstrative “the birds and the bees” talk returns to his consciousness only in fragments. Markus tries to process the experience by confronting his mother. But she admits everything almost offhandedly and flaunts her power by actually correcting his painful memories. The outstanding lead actor Andreas Döhler, also plays Markus as a child in the flashbacks, which gives them an uncomfortable sense of immediacy.

Director Florian Eichinger

Screenplay Florian Eichinger

Cast Andreas Döhler (Marcus), Jessica Schwarz (Monica), Katrin Pollitt (Mutter Renate), Heiko Pinkowski (Vater Gerhard), Katharina Behrens (Sabine), Sebastian Fräsdorf (Johannes)

Website http://www.farbfilm-verleih.de/filme/diehaendemeinermutter/


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