The Luther Matrix

The Luther MatrixDie Luther Matrix

Filmforum, Germany 2016, 90 Min., germ. OV

Carsten von Lupfen, a systems administrator at the chancellery, threatens to release highly sensitive data. A state security task force arrests him, but the whistle blower clams up and answers every question with famous Luther quotes such as “here I stand, I can do no other”. It soon becomes clear that the prisoner is drawing on historical events and developments for the motivation and moral justification for his acts, and that his primary reference is Martin Luther. The religious rebel and reformer is the key to solving the case. Posing as a journalist, Carlotta Kuttner investigates by travelling to the places associated with Luther and talking to renowned Luther experts, including Heinz Schilling, Margot Kässmann and Peter Gauweiler. She eventually ends up at the Congregation of the Faith at the Vatican and discovers something amazing...

Director Tom Ockers

Screenplay Tom Ockers

Cast Annett Fleischer (Carlotta Kuttner), Sheri Hagen (Kerstin Staube), Marek Harloff (Carsten von Lupfen), Stephan Schad (Chef), Michael Steinocher (Albrecht), Christa Krings (Sekretärin), Horst Winter (Rechercheur)

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