1000 Mexikaner

1000 Mexikaner1000 Mexicans

Filmforum, Germany 2016, 81 Min., germ. OV

Lukas and Adam are old friends. But while Lukas is on the career track with an ad agency, the chaotic Adam has just lost another job on a film. The two head for a round of consolation shots of “Mexican” tequila at their favourite bar. There, the two singletons meet up with a gaggle of ladies celebrating a hen party in style. Their friend Marten also turns up, in despair because his wedding videographer has cancelled a week before the wedding. Not least of all to impress the bachelorettes, Adam exuberantly promises to shoot the wedding film. A crazy idea if ever there was one. Especially when Rocko pitches up the next day. A former elite soldier, he’s Marten’s brother and best man, and he attacks “operation wedding film” with an iron hand and military precision. It’s an approach doomed to failure with Adam on the crew!

Director Philipp Scholz

Screenplay Philipp Scholz, Florian Gregor

Cast Bastian Reiber (Lukas), Arnel Taci (Adam), David Bredin (Rocko), Julian Schäfle (Mila), Stefan Haschke (Marten), Ingo Naujoks (Thierry), Peter Lohmeyer (Produktionsleiter Wolfgang), Ralf Richter (Dirk Kowalski)

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