Von Bananenbäumen träumen

Von Bananenbäumen träumenDreaming of Banana Plants

Filmforum, Germany 2016, 92 Min., germ. OV

The residents of Oberndorf could no longer stand passively by as their village went further and further into decline. The first action was a café run by volunteers. But when the school closes down, the locals and people who had moved there later realised they were facing a much greater challenge. The town needed to make money to keep young families from moving away. With the help of a project developer, they come up with a bold plan and set up a public limited company. They business model is based on liquid manure, which is available in vast quantities. The idea is to build a biogas plant. With the energy, they would raise African catfish – a tasty fish – and build greenhouses to grow exotic fruits like bananas, all in a closed, waste-free system. The idea takes off. But there’s a long way to go before the first fish are ready for market.

Director Antje Hubert

Screenplay Antje Hubert

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