Retrospective, Iceland / Dominican Republic 2014, 80 Min., span., iceland. OV, engl. st

Sheep and horses are the animals most usually husbanded by Icelanders. But Jón Ingi Gíslason, a farmer’s son from Biskupstunger, has a different favourite animal. He raises roosters in the Dominican Republic, where cockfighting is the national sport. Jón Ingi has lived there for 20 years, working as an investment consultant. He has become one of the country’s most successful breeders; his “Vikingos” cocks are a hot commodity. Gabriel, an 11-year-old shoeshine boy, would like one, since cockfighting is also a path to improving social status. Nor does Jón Ingi shy away from magic to ensure his own success. He consults a mystic before fights and uses her “lucky water”. “Vikingo” is a portrait of a man who has immersed himself deep into a foreign culture without cutting himself off from his roots, as we see in footage shot at home in Iceland of the cockfighter riding on a tractor.

Director Thorfinnur Gudnason

Screenplay Thorfinnur Gudnason


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