Med Sven Hedin i Österled

Med Sven Hedin i ÖsterledMit Sven Hedin durch Asiens Wüsten / With Sven Hedin Across the Deserts of Asia

Retrospective, Germany / Sweden 1928, 101 Min., silent, germ. it

In 1927/28, cameraman Paul Lieberenz travelled with Swedish explorer Sven Hedin on the latter’s expedition through inner Asia from Beijing to Urumchi. Lufthansa planned to launch direct service from Germany to Beijing. The team was tasked with making meteorological observations, setting up weather stations and looking for suitable spots to build airfields. With their caravan of no less than 300 camels and numerous helpers, the 27 researchers trekked more than 2,500 exhausting kilometres, facing almost insurmountable obstacles, including a savage four-day desert storm that would become the high point of the film. In 1929, Lotte H. Eisner wrote, “This expedition film with Sven Hedin through the desert is more than just a series of lovely images. Through the documentary process it is filled with a suspense that can only be supplied by actualities”.

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Director Paul Lieberenz, Rudolf Biebrach

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